Tuesday, May 27, 2014

sissy pansy shares some info for Adult babies

pansy is now NO Longer permitted to wear heels of any kind, the sissy is only allowed his flat Maryjane style shoes 

It is SO Totally Obvious, that pansy is slipping deeper and deeper and farther into his permanent 'Adult Little Girl' Lifestyle, and there is NO Escape for the diapered 53 year-old sissy
Here are some websites that pansy's MASTER find useful, and hopefully, you will too

sissy pansy is in a pair of pink plastic pants from 'AdultClothDiaper.com" (website listed above). They seem to be very well made and sturdy, which is good for pansy as the sissy is double diapered at all times, and they can easily hold his several daily wettings and messings

The sissy's necklace is PERMANENTLY attached around his neck, so if pansy perchance forgets what he has been turned into, he can just look in the mirror at the pendant, and know that he is a "SISSY", now and forever!!!   

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