Sunday, December 26, 2010

what the ....................???

Hell is going on Here ?!. The sissy is actually allowed to dress like a a Grown Up Female ? Hopefully Master AL John will see the error in his ways and force this sissy back into more appropriate clothing for him... diapers, frilly socks and baby girl outfits..       This is just crazy letting pansy dress like this, soon the sissy will begin to think that he is an adult again, Everyone should know by now that that can and never should happen. The sissy BELONGS in diapers and baby girl outfits, he is NOT an adult anymore ! 
Master AL John !!!  Please force this sissy back into baby girl lifestyle !!   Before it's too Late !!


mrslickiv6 said...

WoW! you are looking fine!! perhaps, master will take you out to show off that you can really look good if you're allowed. you are looking fabulous!! hugs!!

sissycrissi said...

Shut the fuck up, Bitch! Just do what you're told. It's not about what you want or think you need. It's easy to tell from your whiny little post that what you really need is a good fucking. You Master needs to dress you like an ADULT, like a fucking sissy whore, and take you out to service as many cocks as he can find for you.