Thursday, July 14, 2011

sissy - Tied and Exposed in a Park

Sissy pansy is instore for a day of Public exposure and humiliation, Master AL John DEMANDED that the sissy's make-up was such today, that it was obvious that pansy is a feminized male in Women's clothing 

pansy is led out to the park, (well, the very edge of it) behind Master AL John's house. The park is KNOWN Hangout for Homo's, TV's prostitutes, and Perverts. The fairy;s skirt looks to be just the proper length, (for a change).

"SIT, you Stupid Queer" Instructs Master AL John. pansy knows all to well what Master AJ has planned, however the sissy also knows that he is so TOTALLY Submissive, that he has no choice but to obey his Superior!  

Upon placing is fat sissy ass in the pink plastic chair, Master exposes the tiny male appendage of pansy's. That thing is way to small to even be considered a "cock" !!!
{A Roaring Round Of Laughter}

The sissy is further tied, and now unable to escape the chair. he does notice 2 Males staring at him and his Master off in the distance, the sissy wonders if they will be the 1st to humiliate and degrade him today.   

However, Master AL John is not done !, He ball gags His sissy slave, and then proceeds to cover its face with a yellow pillow case which reads "Sissy for Sale"
Master AJ is off on a side bench, as the 2 Males approach the sissy in the chair.. He informs them that price to remove the bag and fuck pansy's face is $1, and that the price to suck the sissy's so-called cock is .50c.
Master AL John hopes to make at least $22 today !!!

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James kong said...

I would have happily paid the $1.50 to take advantage of both services