Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Snack Time with pansy !!

A sissy friend of pansy's found this Dress in a Thrift Shop....(actually, Its just a large Tunic, but it makes a perfect dress for the diapered sissy).

pansy is OBSESSED with showing his diapers, this sissy now seems very content and full accepts his status as an "Adult Baby Girl". It may have taken a while, however pansy seems to fully realizes that this is his life now, to live as an diaper-wearing, un-potty trained, lisping, mincing 3 year old juvenile  

C'mon Now, Does anyone really think that this sissy can even attempt to try and live as a "grown-up" again.    Please Visit the new poll and make your choice, better yet, leave a comment as well!!

This sissy dons a bib as he waits for his lunch to be bought in. Master AL John has some "Normal" people over the house, so that sissy is relegated to feeding himself his lunch, locked in his nursery

 HHmmm, Yummy...  The "Grown-Ups", (at the other end of the house), are engaged in serious conversation and enjoying something from the grill.  sissy pansy on the other hand, locked in his nursery, is set to enjoy a jar of Gerbers, and don't forget the bottle of Similac Formula...  !

On rare occasions, pansy is allowed to eat something "Grown-Up" (albeit, mashed or in a blender). However, an almost steady diet of Formula and Baby Food, have made the sissy quite weak and made the sissy lose weight and muscle mass. A few years ago, Master AL John considered having the sissy's teeth removed, however, they may just fall out by themselves now. 

After his snack, the diapered sissy is told to go outside, and wet/mess itself. This is pansy 4th bottle of formula in 3 hours, so NO DOUBT a wetting will be coming  soon. 
The sissy notices some people across the street, when he was considered a Grown-Up, and a passable TS named Barbra, they were friends, sometimes enjoying a beer together. This, is no longer the case.. being regressed to permanent babyhood, the sissy has nothing in common with them anymore.   

And Here it Comes!....The sissy holds up its legs as he feels the enjoyable warm pee-pee fill hiss already bloated diaper, hopefully it is not yet leaking.

 Anyone who has seen/worn diapers can obviously tell that pansy's is full, front and back. The sissy CANNOT even think of having it changed until he at least makes the diaper messy. pansy so desperately wants to mess, that he stays bent over and tries hard to fill his diaper to completion !! 

As Always......Master AL John Highly Encourages that Any/All of pansy's pictures, (these or any from this blog) be downloaded, saved, (Master wonders how many other sissy's pull their pathetic sissy clits to pansy's  pictures!) re-posted, captioned, and spread on the Internet..
Thanks for Reading !!!!


louis said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear pansy

I was very happy to see that you have recobered the password to your blog, which has been such a pleasure to follow.

I was also happy with your latest posting on your snack time, as it gave me the final push to write about some ideas on sissy tastes I have been developinf for some time. I wish that you, your Master and other sissies could comment these thoughts based on your feelings and experience.


I recall that pansy is quite farmiliar with the taste of pee as it has been and hopefully still is a central element of its "special drinks" in its babybottles. But pee can and should also be an ingredient in a sissybaby's foods as well. This is easy to take care of if the sissybaby's feed always goes through a blender first.

(and btw I was happy to note that you referred to your Master's onetime plan to have all your teeth removed, which I still do hope to see carried out)

But even more solid foods can be served with pee. If for example the sissybaby has a weeks supply of healthy porridge in the fridge it does not have to warmed before serving, just put it in a bowl and have Master or another superior cover it in his or her fresh warm pee before serving.

The taste of soap can be supplied as a mouth soaping punishment or letting the sissybaby bite on a piece of soap during its spankings and corner time - and I do hope that pansy benefits from a daily dose of the paddle or strap. The taste will remain for along time, unless of courde  the sissybaby made to to wash the soap taste awsay with a bottle of pee.

The taste of cum is obviously a great priviledge for the sissybaby to enjoy. If can be supplied directly to its mouth, or for cuckold sissies in the spouses cunt. If the sissybaby is given the cum directly in its ass it should be placed immeadiately afterwards on its potty to expel the cum and then spoon up and enjoy it (and anything else that may have come out of its hole). If there is another sissy who also has been given its cumload from behind then the sissies can directly suck up the cum directly from their sissycunts.

As pansy is not kept in chastity (which is to be regretted) it should always be made to drink up all of its own cum, which usually I understand means licking and sucking it from its dirty diaper.

There is still one very special treat a sissybaby can be given and that is if it has a mommy or wetnurse to breastfeed it. But always after a nursing the sissubaby should be made to kneel between the wetnurse's legs to enjoy a dessert of warm pee delivered straight to its mouth (and may be to serve the nurse in other ways if she so wants).

I am looking forward to reading your comments on these ideas.